The Hidden Key


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Combining ‘new thought’ and revolutionary ideas, Eric uses “The Hidden Key” to enrich, awaken and elevate his students to attain new levels of achievement. There is a series of thoughts that evolve the human by harnessing the consciousness of the universe and to develop God like consciousness. Eric desires that his students attain this knowledge. Throughout history, and in ancient times, spiritual masters and mystics have performed numerous miracles that have been recorded throughout the ages. To understand how these miracles were enacted, one must understand the feelings that were generated and how they were projected. It is the Key to changing reality. Eric has taught extensively about ‘feels-like’ and it’s applications. In this module, he takes you one step further as he explains what he refers to as “keys” and how specific keys can be evoked and projected in order to affect reality in a very unique way. Whether you’re opening a portal or healing a loved one, the most effective way to unlock a specific door in the structure of reality is with a key.


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