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About Us

What we do

Higher Balance Institute Provides The Spiritual & Metaphysical Education That You’ve Been Searching For.

We recognize the struggles you face in pursuit of something greater. To survive in this world, you must maintain employment and meet social obligations that often overwhelm your quest for spirituality.

With so many things competing for your time & attention, we understand that you need practical and effective techniques to evolve your consciousness and advance you on your spiritual journey, while also maintaining balance in everyday living.

Higher Balance Institute offers an extensive and intuitive series of techniques and classes that teaches students how to have tangible spiritual, metaphysical, psychic and paranormal experiences.

Our wide-range of courses, on nearly every spiritual topic, will teach you to understand the architecture of reality and how to influence it.
And as you immerse yourself in these teachings, you will quickly build the skills & deeper connection you’ve been searching for, leading to tremendous spiritual transformation and personal growth.

We believe that some people, like yourself, are highly drawn to the Force or “God” and have a deep desire to serve it. Let us show you how.
With over 800 hours of online classes, 12 books released (including several Amazon best-sellers), and hundreds of thousands of students internationally, Higher Balance Institute continues to be one of the top spiritual training schools in the world, providing more experiences than any other metaphysical school.

Welcome to Higher Balance Institute

Higher Balance Institute was established in 2003 with the intention of “awakening the world, one mind at a time”. We are creating a bold spiritual movement that focuses on the exploration and development of the inner consciousness to unlock the remarkable and limitless abilities of the mind. 

We have 100’s of courses, covering nearly every spiritual topic, available for students via our online learning library and best-selling books. We also offer live monthly classes, as well as in-person intensives and retreats all around the world.

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The author

About Eric Pepin, Founder of Higher Balance Institute

Inspired by his own childhood, Eric has dedicated his life to awakening those who are seeking out the same answers as himself and helping them gain a closer connection to God. 

A passionate teacher with a track record of helping students achieve experiences for themselves, Eric is renowned for his no-nonsense, modern approach to spirituality and he has empowered and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands across the globe

Focused on helping his students advance, Eric Pepin continues to evolve his teaching to adapt to modern technology and the demands his students face in their day-to-day lives. 

Eric bases his success on the experiences his students are able to attain and he has a strong record of helping individuals achieve breakthroughs in as quickly as an hour, whether they are new to spirituality or have been studying with other schools for 20 years.

An entrepreneur at heart, he grew Higher Balance from the ground up, overseeing every aspect of the organization. With this experience, he not only teaches students the finer aspects of spirituality but also the skills necessary to be a success in business and in life


ready to discover

Higher Balance offers completion.

Higher Balance programs are designed to help you discover latent abilities and veiled knowledge, allowing students to rapidly advance their spirituality while also maintaining balance in everyday living.
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