Mind Storm


Think back to the beginning of your journey, when the word `tonal` was foreign and incomprehensible, dimensions of reality were a mere fantasy, and the matrix was no more than a fascinating movie. Now, you understand the workings of the matrix, the structure of reality. You’ve acquired a vast array of unique skills. Now it’s time to bring your skills to a higher level. It’s time to discover a new set of skills – skills that will allow you to actually manipulate the reality around you. Eric has taught you the fundamental understandings to reach that final revelation. Reflecting on the teachings has brought you to that level. What Eric does in Mind Storm is instruct you on building your own specific programs and projecting them into the “master (matrix) program.” Eric guides you through the process of formulating your programs using specific feelings and projecting the final product into the matrix in order to illicit the desired effect, in this case, manipulating the weather.


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