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Live Events
Upgrade your consciousness.

Join us in Santa Rosa, CA for a customized spiritual experience. Select any combination of visual upgrades, audio upgrades, one-on-ones with Eric. Plus, explore Sonoma County and visit the sites discussed in the module, Paranormal Paradox. 

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Transform your life, your spirituality, your consciousness.

Take a breather, a sabbatical from your daily life and embark on a spiritual experience like no other. If you’ve never participated in a live workshop with Higher Balance, then you are in for an amazing experience because no one delivers deep spiritual emotions, visuals or resonances like Eric.

This June, join Eric Pepin at the Providence Zen Center and immerse yourself in a weekend spiritual experience.

The event is over, but you can still watch the replay!

higher balance rhode island retreat



Eric Pepin Live

September 14th - Replay Available Now

Experience the connection and energy that collects when White Cells gather and practice together. Like a tuning fork, that frequency reverberates far beyond the class. Join us for this 2-hour live session and get unlimited access to the replay.

Teachings of Serune - Session 24

Tuesday, October 10th at 6 PM Pacific

Access the most advanced spiritual training Higher Balance has to offer. Accelerate your growth, apply your abilities to create real-world opportunities and deconstruct the programming of reality.

Eric Pepin Live

Thursday, October 12th at 6 PM Pacific

Experience the connection and energy that collects when White Cells gather and practice together. Like a tuning fork, that frequency reverberates far beyond the class. Join us for this 2-hour live session and get unlimited access to the replay.


“The class led into a tap from The Force by morning. A gentle yet powerful hello, a vivid reminder of what that ever present longing is about…how deep the well of the Heart is. With others arriving and sharing the experience, the image of hands touching hands in the class exercise adds to the lingering feeling.”

Ellen D.
Eric Pepin Live, 2016

“This is my first event and it was amazing. I want to go to every single one. 

If you’re looking at Higher Balance, know that something brought you here. After being in Higher Balance for a year now, life is better that I ever imagined. You’re going to feel at home. This is the missing piece. You’re going to feel at home.”

Jonathan L.
San Francisco Free Event, 2016

“I just wanted to write in to express my gratitude and appreciation for the training session, and am humbled that I was able to participate in such a profound and moving class. To have Eric go through some of the exercises in detail, as well as the ‘subtle’ nudges he gave us to motivate us to practice, was an invaluable complement to the material that I already have (all seven cores, and 6 of the books). Now, more than ever, I can appreciate the importance of taking the time to maintain my fitness psychically, and how it fits in with all that The Force desires for us and our role as white cells.

During the class, through the practice of those several exercises alone, I started to feel myself experiencing multiple realities at once. I was simultaneously at my desk, while also experiencing myself switching my attention between two other places at once. In one reality, I was in what looked like a sandstone courtyard of a building with a fountain the centre. In the other, I was overlooking the coast of a place that resembled a white-washed, cliff-side town on a Greek island.

And of course, the man himself was amazing.”

Tanya G.
Eric Pepin Live, 2016

“I’ve been to four Higher Balance Events so far and the experiences are always incredible. You have the collective of like-minded, spiritually inspired people that makes it feel like home. Some of my best friends are people I’ve met at Higher Balance retreats. 

Each retreat has been totally different, but the knowledge and revelations from Eric’s classes have always been monumental and life-changing.”

Nick I.
Live Events, 2016

“Eric was amazing this evening. I listened and watched and learned. What an inspiration! And I am honored to have been a witness to this new beginning. Eric the teacher is absolutely the best. I am so darn glad I followed up on that email 9 months ago. It has been one adventure after another. I am loving it!

Watching Eric control his voice, change his perception and dive deeper into his union with God was humbling. He brought me to tears with his sincerity and to laughter with his wacko humor. Thank you, dear ones, for allowing me to participate.

Donna S.
Teachings of Serune, 2016

Things have changed so much for the better. Between meeting Eric and going through the material. He opened the doors, but I had to walk through them. Choosing to walk through those doors made all the difference in the world. I am a stronger person, I am a happier person, I am a better person, I am a more capable person.

Once I found Eric, I stopped looking because I knew I was where I needed to be and where I wanted to be.”

Mary H.
San Francisco Free Event, 2016