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Higher Balance Conducts Live In-Person Workshops at Various Locations Throughout the World. Head Over To Our Events  Page To Get Latest Updates And Subscribe To Our Mailing List.

Rebel Guru Radio Podcast

Rebel Guru Radio

Check out Eric Pepin’s new podcast, Rebel Guru Radio, where he gives candid, no B.S. answers to all your questions on anything spiritual, metaphysical and psychic.

Eric Pepin Live

Putting your spiritual knowledge into practice makes all the difference on the path to becoming one with the Universe, but there is a power when we gather and practice together.

Which is why Eric is teaching a Live, 2-hour class every month. You’ll learn new techniques, practice and connect with the Higher Balance community, and create a tuning fork effect that resonates and creates a ripple effect on you for the rest of the month.


Eric Pepin Book Series

Checkout Eric Pepin’s Best-Selling Series! The most affordable way to get started on your journey. Click below to checkout the six book series, with more to come.

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Whatever experience you are seeking, we can help you achieve it in the fastest way possible. Each module is packed with tried and true techniques and backed by our 30-day, Money-Back Guarantee.