Dimensions: Walk With Me


When you walk, do you ever pay attention to what you are doing or do you simply focus on your destination? There are keys embedded within the act of walking that, when put together, have the ability to dramatically shift your consciousness, enabling you to see the dimensional objects and entities that remain unknown to those who operate in a normal state of consciousness. In this module, Eric teaches the ins and outs of a new technique called “Dimension Walking,” sharing knowledge that will grant a level of mastery over this skill. Provided are some crucial details, like walking pace, proper breathing, and hand gestures, as well as a few tips on accelerating your results. Each dimension is a specific frequency. There are thousands of dimensions that overlap our physical dimension but we don’t experience them because our consciousness primarily vibrates at a different frequency. Dimension Walking causes our frequency to elevate, thus opening our minds to the possibilities that lie beyond this dimension.


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