The Struggle to Awaken


On your journey to attain higher states of consciousness, there are sure to be many obstacles one must overcome. A path full of deterrents and hardships is the way of the White Cell. In this module, Eric addresses some of the major struggles seekers of enlightenment come across and offers his words of wisdom on overcoming these commonplace obstacles. This module emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and recognizing your perception of reality. Eric uses many powerful analogies to promote this thought process by drawing on the micro-macro nature of the universe, spotlighting that you are a reflection of the universe on many levels, explaining how prediction of the future is a matter of perspective, and also by acknowledging there is a difference between seeking enlightenment, and trying to force the process. After listening to this module, one should have a better understanding of their own perception of reality, and how that perception directly contributes to the struggles, or lack thereof, of their path to awakening. You must fight continually for higher states of consciousness, but you cannot tell universe how it is supposed to happen. “Expect nothing, and gain everything”


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