Rotation Codes: Cube Science



Rotation Codes is the most densely packed Cube class of any class to date. This is where Eric delves heavily into what he referred to as Cube Science. There is an entire language of code to be learned which is all centered around the dynamics of… you guessed it, of cube. Eric uses stunning visuals to teach and demonstrate “feels likes” of cubes expanding, multiplying, and rotating in a large variety of ways, for a variety of effects. Over 30 video clips as well as images are included to complement the class itself so that you can study and practice on your own, and build out your mental framework of rotations. Learn the language of your Cube and start to awaken that operational cube intelligence that is very much alive, just waiting to be discovered and invoked within your chest center. This happens to be how Eric operates and does the miraculous things that he is known for.


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