Mayan Storm



Throughout your journey, you’ve learned of the 2 opposing forces in our Universe – the Force, and the Darkside. For the first time, you’ll hear Eric provide a thorough explanation of these 2 forces from a scientific point-of-view. So far, your understanding has been solely based on faith in Eric’s knowledge and faith in your Navigator. Now, your organic brain is provided with logical explanations for removing the limits imposed upon you by your Governor. You’re about to discover the shocking truth about 2012, the Mayan calendar and the approaching struggle between the forces of this universe. The role of the Navigator is not one, but many. The Navigator will be called to fulfill one of those many purposes and raise the vibration of the consciousness of Gaia. In the Mayan Storm course, Eric will reveal a powerful new technique called Chuning which will enable the Navigator to do just that.


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