Entering the Godfield



With over 5+ hours of content, This is the only event where Eric teaches extensively on chanting or what are known in shamanic terms as the Icaros. In Entering The God Field, not only does Eric give a great education on cultural forms of this process but he himself had already prepared recordings just prior to the event. (These secret audio recordings are included as a bonus with the video lecture series!) Eric entered into a state of consciousness that literally wound up pushing the boundaries of this reality, (through the bathroom wall to be precise) and he successfully projected that state onto the recording device. If you ever feel like the world around you is closing in, if you ever feel spiritually sluggish, fighting the current of the doe as it continuously seems to increase in mass and gravity, If you ever feel as if issues in life are overriding your sense of spiritual connection, one thing that can shake it is these Icaro recordings with EJP. They have the power to catapult consciousness with a force and ferocity. Whats beautiful is you can go back to it as much as you want. It’s as easy as sitting down, pressing play and listening. …like that divine hand once again reaching into the quicksand to pull you out! Just give it a few seconds literally before everything begins to shift. It’s been known to catch people off guard and even surprise them by how fast and abruptly the tonal shift can occur. Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to the Icaros bonus tracks.


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