Cycles of the Soul



When it comes to reincarnation, there are the fairy tales that have become so popular in today’s culture, and then there’s the truth which surpasses the basic understandings of the majority. Reincarnation is an attractive and fascinating topic because it offers the promise of an eternal existence. Unfortunately, the process of reincarnation is as misunderstood as it is controversial, hence, the reason for this class. You’re interested in this class because you’ve decided to dig deeper and uncover the truth that so many people fail to realize. You can automatically accept the concepts offered by the masses or instead, choose detailed answers to those questions that have always been ignored by the popular books. The information you’ll gain will build a strong foundation of understanding, enabling you to achieve success with the techniques and to re-experience your past-life memories. At the conclusion of the module, Eric will guide you through a session which has been specially designed for past-life regression and, as you’ll discover, it’s one thing to listen to this information, but to experience it is transformative.


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