Audio Upgrade #3: Singularity



 Click play in the description field below to learn more about Audio upgrade #3: Singularity The Higher Balance Audio Upgrades consist of 9 distinctly unique tracks designed for the… Read More

Click play in the description field below to learn more about Audio upgrade #3: Singularity

The Higher Balance Audio Upgrades consist of 9 distinctly unique tracks designed for the purpose of helping the user establish and strengthen the connection between your biological organism, and that of the higher consciousness or what we often refer to as the navigator. (Who you really are)
The tracks themselves should not be thought of like music in the traditional sense. In truth they are much more than just an auditory experience. They are dimensional tools which can and will stretch the limits of your consciousness to expand. Each achieves this in its own unique way and for its own unique purpose.
Some tracks are going to be like a high-intensity workout routine for your mind, infused with percussive instrumentation, while others are going to feel like you are floating through space, or phasing in and out of this reality.
This can be very healing and nourishing to the soul as well. You may feel as if you are getting showered or bathed in the energy of the One. Or like obstacles are literally being cleared out as new pathways form to pave a direct line back to the heart of the universe. (I.E. God.)
Commonly reported experiences include: Intensified meditations, prescient visions, higher sensitivity to patterns and textures, increased critical thinking ability, greater ability to clearly recognize and decode circumstances to make better decisions in life, increased regularity of slipping into higher states of consciousness such as the in-between state and more.
Each of the 9 audio sessions is 20 minutes in duration. Included also is an extended 40 minute version as well as a 60-minute session. We recommend starting with 20-minute sessions and don’t put any pressure on yourself to go on to 40 or 60. Trust us these things are intense! We decided to add the longer duration versions at no charge simply as an additional option for you to have available.

"During each upgrade I was able to attain non-thought immediately and maintain it for a longer period of time, as well as shift to altered states of consciousness lasting for hours after the upgrade. 

One of the most pronounced experiences after the upgrades happened during a meditation at Kailasa Temple (Ellora Caves). My Consciousness tuned to a divine melody, which I can only describe as “music of an almost other-worldly beauty”. It was a gentle female chant and yet powerfully pulling my Mind towards it!
Thank you Eric Pepin for creating these Audio Upgrades Masterpieces that keep pushing us beyond the ordinary!"

Hristinka October 19, 2021

"The Audio Upgrades invoked vivid visions, deep surrender, and enhanced psychic sensory. Each Audio Upgrade is unique and focuses on something different. As a whole, they bring an overall balance to one's spirituality and consciousness. For me, the experiences that come with the Audio Upgrades are undeniable. They further solidify the truth of everything Eric/Higher Balance teaches. For those seeking spiritual development, the Audios Upgrades are, by far, one of the best investments one can make!"

Nick Iles October 19, 2021


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