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November 3, 2021
What I like most about the author’s style of explaining things is

I listened to the audio version of this material in the past probably two years ago. It had been awhile and reading the words in black and white helped me to get this on another level. What I like most about the author’s style of explaining things is that you can tell he has actually been there. This is not theoretical; it is a map of thought for experiencing something new.

I did not read this in order to dissect it intellectually. I approached it with an open mind to see what kind of experience I might take with me.

I would say to set aside as much time as you can to absorb this book. I was experiencing movement within myself as I read. After reading the first chapter, I spent a few hours alone in my room practicing observance of the identities and doing the tone exercise in the way he describes.

I was able to hear a tone intermittently. It did correlate with my focus and whether I had words in my head just like the author describes. Then I heard two tones, one on each side for a bit. The interesting thing for me is when I relaxed into the experience, not only did I hear tones but I felt a pressure on the left side of my head and felt fluid movements around my body. I believe I was feeling my own energy moving around me and through me. The best way I can describe it is like I was no longer just my human body shape completely because I could feel the space around my body like having another body overlaid.

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