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Martha A. Snee, Ph.D., MBA, M.Sc
November 3, 2021
True to it’s Title and Promise and a Must-Read for explorers and aspiring modern mystics

As a life-long meditator, I’ve read a variety of books on the subject but this stands way ahead of the pack. In fact it’s in a realm of it’s own. The process easy to understand and the author pulls out the stops and brings this lofty subject down to earth.

It deserves five stars because it delivers 5-star content with a sincerity as if a friend was guiding to you. It takes the ‘abracadabra’ out of the topic and provides an easy-to-understand process. Following Mr. Pipin’s advice with consistency, you will get results, accessing higher consciousness and achieving spiritual growth and serenity the world cannot give. I’ve found his books all very useful and they build from this meditation book.

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