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Ye Shall Be As Gods
November 3, 2021
A wealth of knowledge

I have read quite a few of the books by Eric Pepin. I won’t say I agree with him on every topic, but I do certainly find value in his works. He has written extensively on humanistic potential and does so with so little ego. Between all of his books I struggle to think of a topic that he hasn’t covered from meditation, to chakras, to spirits, to psychic viewing, critiques of traditional religious theology, etc. His unique perspective on life has kindled a lot of growth in my own spirituality and I thoroughly enjoy his work.

This is indeed a very large book, packed with a lot of material you may not comprehend all of the first time through. As he mentions many times throughout his book though, if you stand in the rain you’ll get wet. Keep seeking knowledge and eventually you’ll find it soaks in.

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