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Tobin B. Crenshaw
November 3, 2021
A Very Wise and Giving Soul, Very Giving

I was first introduced to Eric Peppin a few years ago when several people were debating whether his material was better than Holosync. There are people on both sides of the argument, and I can’t give a final answer other than to say most people rate him either 1st or 2nd place, either is outstanding. What I can say is that his material is very thorough, and is some of the top rated material on spiritual growth and meditation. What is great about Peppin is that he is not stingy with his work. Many people give only partial material and then lure you to buy more material to get the rest of the information. Peppin does not do that, his work is complete, and this book is not exception, coming in at almost 300 pages. You don’t have to buy this and then buy more of his material to get a full course, it is all here. On a side note, I once scratched my CDS from his program, I contacted customer service (over 3 years after the purchase) and told them my dilemma. They forwarded me all the recordings for free and said, “Welcome back.” Total class act!!

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