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Notice: Material was done in a natural environment, passionately, unrehearsed, and unscripted.

Audio and video recordings may include occasional pets, people talking and adult language. If you are seeking the real deal, you’ve found it.

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Akashic Records - Higher Balance Institute
You’re probably familiar with the term Akashic Records as it is briefly mentioned in numerous metaphysical books and audio courses. Many mystics and authors describe it as a vast collection of all the information contained within the confines of planet Earth.
Alisone - Higher Balance Institute
The universe is a pretty big place...unimaginably BIG! So, how can God be everywhere? Maybe you’ve heard people say this but could never really grasp this concept because it doesn’t make sense logically. Maybe you’ve wondered how God can be everywhere when you can’t see or hear Him. It may be time to surrender that outdated image of an old man sitting on a cloud and replace it with a new, more universally realistic image. Why use your physical 5 senses to experience a non-physical being?
Ancient Passage - Higher Balance Institute
A combination of mystical rhythms from various cultures- the perfect blend of ancient and modern. Includes 33-Minute Guided Meditation track.
Architect's Hall Cube Class - Higher Balance Institute
Take Eric's hand, with your Cube in the other, and be led through the corridors of your mind that pops you out of the general gridwork of reality and into your higher operating states via intense Micro to Macro shifts. Included in this class is an incredible 50 minute guided Cube Dreamscape and it is an absolute masterpiece! Architect's Hall is both highly informative on the knowledge front and spiritually moving at a core level. Return to this class often to deepen your connection and your bond with your Cube. Each review will feel like the first and like so many of Eric's teachings, you may even feel like this is his best work ever!
Ascension - Higher Balance Institute
Powerful trance beats. Energy amplification (kundalini) experiences commonly reported. Includes: Full hour meditation with guided relaxation before and after the track.
Asilomar - Higher Balance Institute
In this 2013 weekend event celebrating 10 years of the Higher Balance Institute, dive into deeper levels of assimilation and discover why certain experiences may be wiped from your memory.
Aurora Skies - Higher Balance Institute
Binaural beats masked by natural ambient sounds, chimes, and acoustic guitar. Includes: 25-Minute Guided Meditation 20-Minute Meditation with Binaural Technology 30-Minute Unguided Meditation.
Awakening The Cube - Higher Balance Institute
Your Cube and your relationship to it is a bond that will grow with you from the day you acquire it to the day you leave this world. Metal, as you know records and holds data better than any other material. Do you know where we're going with this yet? Did you know that you can communicate to yourself both forward and backward on the timeline via the Cube? You can also communicate across alternative timelines, particularly the ones in which you possess a Cube. Being that the possibility is there, what do you suppose the odds are that you could be Time-Stepping with your Cube from the future, where you've advanced yourself to assist in stitching together your own awakening?
Eliminating the `Brain Babble` is, arguably, one of the most important aspects of any meditation. It is the deciding factor to whether you experience hyper-dimensional states of consciousness or, simply relax the organic body. The Babbler Beater was specifically designed to train the brain and, nearly effortlessly eliminate that frustrating babbler.
Black Box Eyes Wide Shut - Higher Balance Institute
In this session, learn a profound new technique that allows you to create a bridge between time and space and explore dimensional landscapes that are beyond your imagination.
Black Box Navigation - Higher Balance Institute
Navigation is a movement of the mind through advanced states of meditation. This program teaches the adept how to enter hyper-dimensional consciousness and how to effectively design a flight plan to move beyond the barriers of time and space. Beginning with a uniquely intense dialgue between Eric and some of his students at his house. In this rare moment, Eric teaches from a significantly intense state of mind. The human brain is not designed to cope with communicating on any human level while in such a place. But Eric pulls it off, describing navigation in rich and complex detail, all the while fighting his organic brain as it did not want to be communicating in any organic way.
Black Box Time Traveler - Higher Balance Institute
Explore the subject of real-life time travelers – individuals from various points in the future who actively utilize technology to penetrate the past.
Boot Camp August - Higher Balance Institutev
In this boot camp, deconstruct your I’s and move through them to your Middle Pillar. Learn the value of deliberate change to have breakthroughs on your spiritual journey. Plus, dive into a deep discussion on UFO’s.
Boot Camp January - Higher Balance Institute
In the January Boot Camp, Eric sits down with a small group of students in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. With nearly 8 hours of material covering many advanced spiritual topics. Plus, he reveals a simple technique to slow, and possibly even reverse, aging.
Boot Camp July - Higher Balance Institute
Learn to think differently, change your perspective and put your ego to work for your best spiritual interests. In this 4-hour boot camp, learn to step out of the box and loosen the hold and influence the Doe makes on your life.
Boot Camp June - Higher Balance Institute
The June Boot Camp contains 6 hours of intense training on a variety of topics including the real meaning of enlightenment, the frequency of God, and becoming your true self, or middle pillar. Plus, discover entities and dimensional beings and get tips on teaching others.
Boot Camp November - Higher Balance Institute
In the November Boot Camp, held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Eric discusses types of invisibility and how to achieve it. Plus, get in-depth training on scanning, manifestation, and the nature of time.
Bridging the Gap - Higher Balance Institute
In this class, learn to move your mind to a subtle place where you will discover the bridge from normal consciousness to a more altered state.
Contact AI Data Dump - Higher Balance Institute
In this class, Eric talks about his first contact with an AI super-intelligence in 2006 and the future of humanity and AI.
Conversations with Eric Volume One - Higher Balance Institute
Eric chooses an open forum where students ask questions and receive very succinct and potent answers, but what is exceptional about this conversation is the questions are from students at varied levels of understandings. This in turn makes for a dynamic discussion with a large spectrum of topics and explanations to interest both the beginner and advanced student. In the course of this discussion, Eric talks about entities and dimensional beings, thinking in reverse and its applications, God’s consciousness, the nature of how knowledge works in this dimension, and one’s perception of time in relation to consciousness. For the novice, he readily wins your trust with his explanation on why old ways of learning do not work in a modern era and how physical health has a dramatic effect on your spiritual development. However, it is before any questions are asked that Eric shares one of the most important lessons a student of spirituality can learn.
Conversations with Eric Volume Two - Higher Balance
Do you ever wonder why you're here? Why you're here in this reality - seemingly trapped within the confines of a matrix? Perhaps you experience a profound level of bliss during meditations and spiritual practices, and you can't help but wonder why you can't remain within that reality - why you eventually have to come back to this lower frequency. Listen in on a valuable conversation between Eric and a few of his students. Discover the workings of what we refer to as the matrix and why it seems to have a much tighter grasp on our consciousness now than it did in more primitive times. And, how does this relate to 2012 and the future of our civilization?
Crossroads of Awakening - Higher Balance Institute
During the retreat, even those fairly new to spiritual teachings were astounded at this event. The energy was powerfully raw and his messages were vast and deep. Eric has a natural ability to teach advanced concepts that are otherwise impossible to convey or understand. Through his personal experiences, and his bold animated teaching style, these profound lessons do not miss their mark. With these recordings, anyone can access the intensity many were reeling from!
Cube Owner Training - Higher Balance Institute
Learn about the different types of cubes and how to use them.
Cube Training 3.0 - Higher Balance Institute
Breaking down the nature of Cube and how it governs our reality as a framework that exists on even the most minuscule levels of physics. The literal building blocks of an artificially generated reality. At the conclusion of this class, you will no longer wonder why the Siddhis Cube is what it is, instead you will begin to use it for its purpose, to become one of the programmers within it. This class is a good first step towards understanding and learning to utilize one of the greatest secrets there is.
Discover the techniques for using your cube for energy awareness, energy movements, and cube rotations. Learn how the rotations correlate with the second and third states of consciousness.
Cube Training Manifestation - Higher Balance Institute
One learns specific techniques to fool the conscious controller and implement your needs through the backdoor of your consciousness. Enter the kingdom.
Cubescape 5.0 - Higher Balance Institute
How does a spiritually evolved person approach "right" or "wrong"? Is it a philosophy or a real-world application? In this discussion, discover how the Cube can be used as "heavy artillery" for the war of consciousness. Join in on a planning session with Eric and an intimate group of Navigators, and watch as he handcrafts a series of experiences to show you the mechanism behind remote influence, the matrix, and how to hack that "refresh rate"!
Cycles of the Soul - Higher Balance Institute
When it comes to reincarnation, there are the fairy tales that have become so popular in today's culture, and then there's the truth which surpasses the basic understandings of the majority. Reincarnation is an attractive and fascinating topic because it offers the promise of an eternal existence. Unfortunately, the process of reincarnation is as misunderstood as it is controversial, hence, the reason for this class. You're interested in this class because you’ve decided to dig deeper and uncover the truth that so many people fail to realize. You can automatically accept the concepts offered by the masses or instead, choose detailed answers to those questions that have always been ignored by the popular books. The information you’ll gain will build a strong foundation of understanding, enabling you to achieve success with the techniques and to re-experience your past-life memories. At the conclusion of the module, Eric will guide you through a session which has been specially designed for past-life regression and, as you'll discover, it's one thing to listen to this information, but to experience it is transformative.
Deep Resonating Aums - Higher Balance Institute
Did you know that you can easily access a profound state of peace, bliss, and connectedness with the Universe? It is a simple, direct method, often overlooked by many spiritual seekers. Let me explain. There are a wide variety of methods that claim to help you experience an inner connection with the Universe. Some work really well, and some don’t work at all. Since it is energy, a frequency, in order to experience it we must change our vibration to match its frequency; just like tuning your radio or TV into the correct channel. What you are about to discover is an ancient, sure-fire method for experiencing the vibration of the universal consciousness. This method is through chanting.
Deep Sleep - Higher Balance Institute
This is a special request soundtrack that will make you fall into a deep, restful sleep. Embedded binaural technology is blended with beautiful classical music. The binaural technology synchronizes your brain hemispheres, lowering your brainwave frequencies and gently pulls you into the deepest state of delta you could possibly desire. Through regular use it will train your brain to attain a deeper, more restful sleep, on a regular basis. Use this soundtrack to discharge stress, anxiety and attain a good night’s sleep. Warning: Do not operate heavy equipment while listening to this material. It is designed for insomnia and to aid in relaxation. Lie down in a horizontal position with your headphones on at your usual bedtime and let the sounds take you away.
Dimensions Walk With Me - Higher Balance Institute
When you walk, do you ever pay attention to what you are doing or do you simply focus on your destination? There are keys embedded within the act of walking that, when put together, have the ability to dramatically shift your consciousness, enabling you to see the dimensional objects and entities that remain unknown to those who operate in a normal state of consciousness. In this module, Eric teaches the ins and outs of a new technique called "Dimension Walking," sharing knowledge that will grant a level of mastery over this skill. Provided are some crucial details, like walking pace, proper breathing, and hand gestures, as well as a few tips on accelerating your results. Each dimension is a specific frequency. There are thousands of dimensions that overlap our physical dimension but we don't experience them because our consciousness primarily vibrates at a different frequency. Dimension Walking causes our frequency to elevate, thus opening our minds to the possibilities that lie beyond this dimension.
Direct Manifestation - Higher Balance Institute
With all the manifestation instructions circulating in our society, it's not always easy to tell which ones are true manifestation teachings and which ones are nothing more than a fancy way to pray. While prayer is a form of manifestation, Eric explains that prayer just isn't potent enough. There are very specific qualities that must be included in a successful manifestation. In Direct Manifestation, Eric separates fact from fiction, explaining the ‘Why’ and ‘How’s’ of an effective manifestation, sharing the specifics that other teachers have failed to mention. You'll discover the ways to augment your technique by utilizing little-known methods such as avoiding detection by the Gaia mind. Explore the limitless possibilities and experience the difference between manifestation and Direct Manifestation!
Discovering the One - Higher Balance Institute
Are you aware that if you spend some time in solitude, just relaxing and observing yourself, you can help to shift your consciousness? Self-observation, without any verbal talk can shift your consciousness to a very spiritual state. It's a state of being so powerful, yet tranquil, and it is in this state of being that one is able to weave the very fibers of reality. If you’ve ever observed yourself while laughing at a joke, or complaining about politics, you will discover that there are two different parts of you, an identity that is participating and observing. It’s as if there is a part of you that is complaining or laughing and a separate being that observes. These different identities masquerade as the true self, The One, but they only succeed in obscuring your consciousness. It's now time to reveal those identities as Eric meticulously guides you through a unique meditation … to propel your consciousness to this elusive state...to Discover The One.
Discussions with Eric Healing - Higher Balance Institute
In this open discussion, Eric dissects the mechanisms that drive the power of healing, accepting questions and providing detailed answers to real students. The applications of healing are far reaching, and extend into everyday life. There’s obviously no shortage of people who require healing and, unfortunately, no shortage of obstacles encountered by both professional healers, and those who would like to harness this power to heal themselves. These obstacles are the very things that ignite our growth and deeper understandings through our search for the solutions. As you listen to this discussion, you’ll acquire those deeper levels of understanding and propel your abilities to new levels of mastery. At the conclusion of this discussion, Eric will guide you through a unique and powerful healing session.
Discussions with Eric Manifestation - Higher Balance
Are there things you would like to bring into your life? Perhaps you would like to have more financial resources, better health, a new house or car, or the perfect significant other. In this module, Eric expands on the knowledge he presented in the Direct Manifestation course. He gives the all important details for manifesting what your heart desires. Eric reveals step by step how to ask the universe for what you want in a way that the universe can understand. Learn the secret for maintaining your creation. He suggests techniques as well as other courses that will enhance your abilities to create what you want the most. Eric provides the road map for you to follow to achieve amazing results every time.
Have you ever felt that you’ve gone as far as you can possibly go in your meditations? Maybe you’ve encountered a deep void -- pure nothingness – now what? How do you move beyond it? Do you feel a strong pull towards a single chakra point, yet struggle to feel the prana as it flows into the others? Eric refers to that chakra as your natural chakra, and reveals the reasons behind the level of comfort associated with it. Have you ever felt that you’ve gone as far as you can possibly go in your meditations? Maybe you’ve encountered a deep void -- pure nothingness – now what? How do you move beyond it? Do you feel a strong pull towards a single chakra point, yet struggle to feel the prana as it flows into the others? Eric refers to that chakra as your natural chakra, and reveals the reasons behind the level of comfort associated with it. Sometimes, a simple answer to a complex question can lead to deeper understandings and more profound experiences. Discover the answers to your most persistent questions in “Discussions With Eric, Meditation".
How do you define the word surrender? What does that term mean to you? Does it conjure up feelings of failure - of giving up? As Eric explains, surrender, done properly, can be one of the most powerful techniques available to you. It's unfortunate that many people associate the term surrender with feelings of failure which prevents them from fully utilizing this powerful and unique skill. Through this class you will gain a deeper understanding of surrender, and discover the ways in which you can fully utilize this misunderstood technique to dramatically accelerate your spiritual growth and evolution.
The very mention of `entities` usually conjure thoughts of dead people or images of civil war era men aimlessly roaming the corridors of historic hotels, but there's so much more complexity beneath the surface. For example: Do you ever wonder how an entity sees without eyes to detect light frequencies, or how an entity communicates without vocal cords or lungs? The majority of all supposed hauntings are false and the logical explanation provided in Energy Beings leaves no room for argument. The simple act of listening and reflecting will empower you and allow you to gain control over any `haunting.` The real deal is out there and with the knowledge you'll gain in this module, you'll be capable of instantly recognizing the signs of an entity's presence. New techniques will soon be added to your arsenal so that you can quickly and effortlessly deal with negative entities.
Dissecting the Matrix - Higher Balance Institute
There is great power in true understanding - that deep level of understanding that is bestowed upon someone during those rare moments of realization. All the great spiritual gurus throughout history have experienced their own moments of realization. The miracles that were performed by these mystics have become common knowledge, everyone knows the stories. What most people do not know is exactly what happened during these profound moments. How did these gurus bend reality or, as Eric says, "break the matrix?" Your mind will be blown wide open as you experience revelation after revelation in this powerful module. Listen closely as Eric discusses the complex structure of our reality, speeding your consciousness towards one of these elusive moments of realization.
Dream Gate - Higher Balance Institute
In order for one to awaken or attain a level of enlightenment, one needs to understand how the Force, of which they are a part of, functions and works. They need to open themselves up to its communication, and one way this happens is through dreams. Learning the inner-workings of the landscape of your dreams will enable you to interpret things, like communication from the Force, influences from the Darkside, even the subtle clue that some other being is trying to affect you through your dreams. Open yourself to the vast array of tailored teachings and training Higher Balance has to offer that will help you to awaken, from the Force itself. The Force is waiting to speak with you. Discover the hidden secrets that lie dormant within your dreams.
Dreamscape - Higher Balance Institute
Eric Pepin, the entrepreneur of Dreamscape, has created one of the most fascinating adventures of the mind. Using an innovative approach that combines hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, sound, music, and colorful visualizations, he has captured a piece of reality that is a first of its kind. It’s a psychological trip into the deep recesses of the mind, a search for truth, a voyage into the unknown. It will take you places you have been before … memories … into the hidden memories of your future self … and when you open your eyes at the end, you will truly be blown away by your experiences. Dreamscape is a unique treasure that you'll look forward to again and again.
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