Serune 53: Consciousness Clashes

As we face the effects of COVID-19 and how it affects the consciousness of the world, we realize that it can be an opportunity to face our fears and have major breakthroughs.

Serune 50: The Reboot & Parallel Realities

Just as computers need to be rebooted sometimes, so do we. Join Eric as he leads you through this process.

Serune 48: Past, Present, Future

Explore past, present, and future in this discussion ranging from the future effects of CRISPR to the Mahabharata to the origins of the Darkside. Then, get new tips on how to “plant seeds” during your jumps.

Serune 47: White Cell Frequency

White Cells are the mitochondria of the planet. We are collectively its liberation into its cycle of a higher frequency. Collectively, we are the contributing source to that bigger picture.

Serune 46: Cooperation & Space Technology

The best thing that could happen to the planet is a world in distress because then the world will become unified. We shouldn’t look at ourselves as being different colored or different countries. We are the human race in space and the only way for us to truly survive is to unify, start collaborating and cooperating on technologies.