Serune 31: Back-End Consciousness

Visualizing gives you control and develops your non-thought. It builds a relationship with the back-end consciousness and puts everything about the I’s to the side. It is the place where you can break or bend the rules.

Serune 30: The Universe Feels You

The Universe feels you. When you project your consciousness to another place, this distorts where your consciousness resides and you start to see time and space differently because your relationship with reality is changing.

Serune 29: Psychic Sensory Visualization

In this session, learn a series of exercises to practice projecting your mind to various locations. Then, discover how to use Micro/Macro as a doorway, an entry point, to step in between reality.


Serune 28: The I’s

We should practice our skills, like the Voice, in new ways that push us forward. Just being aware of your chest center when you speak will have an effect.

Serune 35: Skinwalker Ranch, Part 2

Learn how the phenomena in the Skinwalker Ranch area is connected to thought and consciousness. Then, learn how future Navigators could be trained in different skills that interact with technology.