Discussions with Eric: The Paranormal

Move beyond the stereotypical perceptions of entities and discover how entities truly interact and experience the world. Discover how to recognize a true haunting, communicate with entities, and defend yourself against negative beings.

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Discussions with Eric: Surrender

In this Q&A session, explore some of the applications of surrender and learn to combat your brain’s resistance to the process. Discover how your ego and expectations hold you back and get tips on how to remove this barrier to gaining profound experiences.

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Discussions with Eric: Meditation

In this teleseminar, explore the topic of meditation with questions ranging from the connection between meditation and the sixth sense to methods to silence the babbler to why you may experience involuntary twitches at certain points during a meditation.

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Discussions with Eric: Manifestation

Learn the specific steps to follow to ask for what you want in a way that the Universe can understand. Overcome barriers to manifestation and get specific tips on creating material success.

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Discussions with Eric: Healing

Although healing is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to another person, it comes with a few pitfalls. In this module, learn about some of the issues that arise from healing others and how to overcome them.

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