Visual Upgrades

What Are The Visual Upgrades And What Do They Do?

The Visual Upgrades significantly expand and build on your experience of all previous and future Higher Balance knowledge. By invoking a series of reflections using imagery on a big screen monitor, along with a guided audio recording of Eric leading you through each image and pointing out specific details, your mind begins to construct a network of neural pathways that bridge the gap between the organic brain and your dimensional consciousness. Rather than taking years or decades, with this technology you can experience peak breakthroughs that unlock hidden aspects of your consciousness in a matter of hours.

Users Report:

  • Extended periods of heightened sensory such as smelling at unusually far distances or seeing through matter. (i.e. seeing the nights sky through the ceiling or insects under floorboards have been reported.)


  • Significantly increased cognition including higher IQ, and better logic and reasoning skills. Heightened psychic sensory and the ability to shift into altered states of consciousness such as the In-Between state at will. A deep and intimate understanding of the fabric that writes reality.


Visual Upgrades are only available in-person at a live event or by appointment at our headquarters in Northern California

Upgrades should be completed in order and we recommend completing all three sessions to get the full benefits.  We recommend taking at least 12 to 24 hours between each session. 

Scholarships Now Available!

It has been 7 years since Eric created the Visual Upgrades, and they are still just as mind-blowing as ever before. Equally as powerful for pushing your consciousness to the next level with permanent after effects.

The one road block we sometimes run into is that not everyone can afford to do them.

Guess what?

An anonymous supporter of Higher Balance has offered to pay 50% of the cost for several people who have never experienced all 3 of the Visual Upgrades before. (Visual Upgrades are not to be confused with the Cortex Infusion Upgrades)

This is offered on a first come first serve basis.


How Much Does The Visual Upgrades Normally Cost?

The normal price for the visual upgrades is $1500 per session. There are 3 sessions total, each lasting 2 hours. Completing the upgrades is normally done over the course of two to three days and costs a total of $4500.

With a scholarship, you would be able to do all 3 sessions for just $750 each or $2250 for all 3.

As always, we are flexible and willing to offer payment plans even if you have a scholarship!

If you have previously completed the Visual Upgrades before and would like to do them again, you would qualify for a further reduced price.

Typically, it isn’t necessary to do the visual upgrades more than 3 times and doing them once may be enough. You should find yourself pretty dialed in after completing all 3 sessions at which point you’ll want to consider moving on to other training that we offer such as the Audio Upgrades or The Cortex Infusion Upgrades. More details below.

Press Play Below To Hear First Hand Experiences



Ellen D.


“It’s the day after and I still feel like that information is running through my system and it’s causing shifts.”



Lynn C.


“It Changes your soul for the rest of your life.”

Leon L.


“Whatever I paid for it, it’s worth 1000 times more.”

Dave V.


“It’s like going from a 286 computer to a quad-core computer. I was able to put my mind around how time works. It was a huge breakthrough. I was able to manifest a $5,000 raise by utilizing the training to sit down and manifest.”

Nick I.


“I literally could see things differently after walking away from the upgrade. Not long after getting the visual upgrades, I had a vision for a product. And I know for a fact that the product had never been made. And I knew everything about it.  It was like somebody gave me the blueprint.”

Steve P.


Josh L.

“You’re bringing in new information that previously was not available to you. It allows you to pull in more data, and it’s at least double what I was able to pull in before. I am on a whole new level. I’m astounded by how much I know that I had missed.”

Payment plans are available. Call for details or to place your order and we can schedule your sessions over the phone or via email. 


Audio Upgrades

Audio Upgrades – 20 minutes per session. There are 9 total audio upgrade tracks. Each track includes a preliminary video from Eric explaining the design and direction of the track.

All 9 sessions are designed to hit your consciousness from different directions, effectively elevating you to new heights, “Upgrading” you.

These sessions have a lasting, permanent impact on your sensory. mental acuity and spiritual connectivity, with a single listen.

Through this experience, you build a bridge of new neuro-pathways that will enable your organic consciousness (i.e. your brain) to “plug-in” to your higher consciousness and experience reality from the vantage point of an Enlightened state of mind.

Upgrades are only offered at events or at our headquarters in Northern California by appointment.

Click Play Below To Hear More Experiences

Ray Ross


Stan M.


Hashana F.


“I physically felt and heard things within the meditation that were not in the track. “

Jonathan L.


“I started to feel the expansiveness, but then I heard a lot of women chanting. I felt like I could always be in the zone.”

Ashley K.


“All of a sudden the track introduces this high pitched circular motion tone and just as that came in, these visions came down in front of me. They were very distinct symbols.”

Jessica R.


“One of the biggest significant things for me was coming to a portal. I was standing in front of an ancient portal with ornate depth and sculptures. It’s a very ancient entrance. It manifested.”

Dustin D.


“It put me into the in-between states. Light is brighter and darker and slower at the same time. I feel like I’m floating.”

Jenny M.


“It was pulling me upward through a tunnel of circles and at the top it was just white light. I was in it. It felt like there was everything and nothing at the same time.”

Mary H.


“Everything just started to turn like plastic, Everything then got fuzzy and the things that were structures became static.”



Price Breakdown:

Audio Upgrade Sessions = $100.00 Per Session
Package of all 9 Sessions = $599.00 

Payment plans are available. Please call for details or book your session now and we will contact you the following business day.

If for any reason you are not completely blown away, you may refund within 24 hours following a session.

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Last but not least, Cortex Infusion Upgrades are Eric’s latest master creation. To find out about CIU training visit the following link.