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S. Pfaff
November 3, 2021
The bar for spiritual knowledge just got higher

The book Meditation within Eternity was the foundation. This book is the launching pad. I have never seen such powerful knowledge printed in a book. The “High Guard” chapter on energy defense was extremely informative. I imagine monks practicing the techniques in secret in a monastery. The two techniques were extremely well explained and I felt them working on my very first attempt.

The “Akashic Records” chapter was even better. Edgar Cayce work gave me some understanding but a very different expectation. Eric’s description is much richer and more detailed, including some information about how might try to approach this kind of knowledge yourself. I can only imagine how this kind of information might change the world if it becomes more widely known.

And “assimilation”? Is this a scientific explanation for “skin-walkers”? It explains so much.

The chapter on raising spiritual children is my favorite. I can’t remember another spritiual book covering this topic that is important to those of us with kids.

At times, this book can quickly move from topic to topic, but each short topic is jam-packed with information to consider, meditate on, and learn from.

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