Serune 07: A.I. & Simulated Reality

Serune 07: A.I. & Simulated Reality - Higher Balance Institution

If we are in a simulated reality, the one thing that a simulation would not want to us to achieve is awareness that we are in a simulation. In this session, discover how to attain that awareness and change and manipulate it.

Serune 06: Kundalini

Explore the differences between Prana, the presence of God, and Kundalini, the manifestation of God in the body. Then discover how and when to utilize Kundalini energy.

Serune 01: The Voice

A discussion on empowering students for more financial success. Then, learn about how to use “The Voice” and how develop your skills. Discover how using a specific tone of voice and inserting pauses between words can shift a person’s consciousness, emotions, and awareness.