Higher Balance Retreat Center

Northern California

4-Day Intensives

Now booking for:
July 22 - 26
August 5 - 9
August 19 - 23
September 9 - 13
September 23 - 27
October 7 - 11
October 21 - 25

Are you interested in coming to our Northern California Retreat Center for an epic, 4-day spiritual retreat?

If you’ve never been to a Higher Balance intensive, get ready because this is guaranteed to be one of the most magical trips of your life.

We will host specialized groups of eight people. There are four bungalow-style housing units on the property. Each bungalow has a small kitchenette, toilet, and adult bunk beds. There is also a couch and coffee table in each unit and a large patio out front overlooking the valley. There is an easy access shower on the property.

During your stay, you will have access to a pool and spa for day use.

Above all else, this is your chance to work with a program of training assignments outlined by Eric Pepin. You’ll be focusing on both your strengths and weaknesses in a trusting, safe environment and recalibrating yourself to become a stronger, more spiritually-capable and aligned version of yourself in just 4 days.

The energy here is incredible. The view is breathtaking. There are beautiful sunsets every night, not to mention phenomenal stargazing. You can look up after dark in awe as you are surrounded by a sea of stars, off-grid in a setting where non-thought awareness seems effortless.

I cannot express to you how peaceful it is here. Let the radiant energy soak into you as it nourishes and feeds your mind, body, and soul. Replenishing your connection with the Force and completing your spirit before you return back into the world.

Come to the center, visit Eric at his place of residence, and create some memories that will last forever. Forge your legacy as one of the few.

P.S. There is really no telling what could happen out here in God’s country with Eric. UFO sightings? Reality Glitches? Come see for yourself.

If you are interested in booking your stay here during one of our 4-day intensives, the cost of attendance is just $500 total or $125 per day, a fraction of the cost we have charged in the past.

WARNING: We are at a high altitude/elevation. If you have health concerns regarding breathing or mobility, please take this into consideration and consult your doctor before booking.


$500 / $125 per day

+ cleaning fee & travel/medical insurance


  • 4 days of intensive sessions with trained staff and a 1 hour Q&A Session with EJP
  • Room with fridge and full kitchenette
  • Free Parking
  • Pool/Hot tub

Not included:

  • Food

Training Add Ons – Upgrades

If you are interested in completing any of the audio, visual or cortex infusion upgrades while you are here, this is available and encouraged. See the following links to find out more about the upgrades.

Although the latest upgrades are the most intensive upgrades yet, we recommend completing all of the upgrades or mixing and matching during your stay. You may discuss this further with one of Higher Balance’s trained staff and they can help you better understand the benefits of each of these specialized training programs. One thing is for certain… No matter what upgrades you do, it will be unlike any experience you’ve ever had with long-lasting after effects or your money back.

Arrival and Departure

Check-in is before 5:00 PM the day before the start of the event on that Wednesday. The retreat will begin early morning on the date listed. You will fly into the Sacramento airport. You will want to rent a car. The center is about an hour drive from the airport. You can carpool with others if you like. Check in on the first day is at 7:00 AM. Fly in on a Wednesday instead of Thursday. Check out will be on Sunday at 5:00 PM. If you are doing Upgrades of any sort or additional training you may stay later or come early but you must notify us of your plans first to make sure it is okay.