Why These Trees are Different

Have you ever gone into the woods to find some solitude?

I’m sure you have, we all have.

The trees have a certain beauty to them. They radiate a sense of peace that you feel being out there in nature, away from the noise of the city.

But isn’t there always one tree in particular that you feel drawn to?

It’s not the way it looks, but the way that particular tree makes you feel.

That ‘feeling‘ is a key, and it’s not a part of the tree itself.

It’s a unique combination of the shape of the tree, the color and patterns of the bark, the surrounding area, the smell in the air, the sounds in that particular environment, and the way the sunlight is hitting that tree.

All these things combine in your mind, in that one perfect moment, to produce a key.

You’ve had many of these moments throughout your life. For a moment, everything just feels right.

Your brain becomes quiet, and for that moment you revel in the experience of the world around you. Each key you acquire, whether you know it or not, is still inside of you.

Now, the next step is to project that key at will.

Listen to this short clip where Eric Pepin, author of bestselling book Meditation within Eternity, describes what keys are, how to recognize them and how to project them at will:

Click play below to listen!


October 17, 2012

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