What happens when you die?

What do you go through? What do you experience?

Once you pass out of your body – what happens?

Have you ever wondered? We tend to slam the door on
thinking too much about it, but we can’t deny the reality…
we are going to die at some point. It is the cycle of life.
The nature of the Universe.

Yet, in the back of your mind you must suspect
(if not already know) death is not the end.
It is a transformation. From energy to energy.

Still, have you ever wondered how you would
contact someone after you died, and they are still living?
Or why there aren’t more people contacting you after they pass on?

What is happening in that process? Do you remember who
you are? Are you overwhelmed with the memory of all
of your lives at once? What should you expect?

Look around you, all around you, as wide as you can imagine.
The city you live in, the country, the world, the galaxy… that is life.

As active, wondrous, and joyful as ALL of this…
is the profoundness of death.

This is not an idle conversation, but the kind that slows
time down. The air settles into silence. Even the breath
seems to pause and turn its ear to listen…

… because all things know there is a secret in death.
A power they are bound to, which all things must obey.

It is said the final secret to enlightenment…
is overcoming the fear of death.

To truly accept it, one must know it.
One must become it…

If death is a transformation from organic to energy…
then awakening is the transformation into energy…
while you are still alive.

Tune in for the first time Eric has ever delved into
the process of death in any detail… and reveals
the nature of the other side.

Of all the knowledge you can acquire in life…
nothing is more powerful than the knowledge of death.

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May 1, 2012

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