The Road Less Babbled

This past weekend, I went out for a relaxing walk to unwind my mind.

I usually like to stay on the more wooded – less populated – roads because it’s much easier to shift into altered states in an environment with plenty of trees.

You’ll hear Eric talk about this in the clip below.

People are always talking to themselves in their head. We call this brain babble.

The more you can quiet your brain – the babbler – the easier it becomes to shift into altered states of consciousness.

As white cells – spiritual beings – we naturally and empathetically pick up on the thoughts and emotions generated by other people. Basically, we tune into their babblers.

Whenever we’re in a forested area – or any sparsely populated area – our brain becomes quiet because there’s less “collective babble.”

The other day, I did a short meditation in a park and I started heading home when I felt the urge to turn and walk down a busy road rather than following my normal route..

This particular road is more heavily populated than the others and I began to pay close attention to my thoughts which were almost non-existent on the previous road.

It was almost impossible to maintain non-thought until I left the area and returned home via a quieter, less populated road.

This is something that anyone can do. Go for a walk or a bike ride, or even a car ride and pay attention to your thoughts on more populated roads versus more forested roads.

Here’s a clip talking about why this happens:

Click play below to listen!



November 20, 2012

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