Patterns, Perceptions, and…Haircuts?

Have you ever noticed that subtle, yet distinct feeling of re-invention after cutting your hair?

It may sound odd, but I’m sure you’ve noticed it.

It’s very subtle and most people don’t pay any attention to it.

I got an email recently from someone who noticed this exact feeling.

He told me that after a haircut, he felt like he left behind his old self and now he’s able to move forward as a re-invented person.

You can probably relate to that feeling of re-invention that I’m referring to. To understand why that feeling arises is absolutely crucial to your spiritual development!

You are a pattern of atoms, each vibrating at a very specific frequency. When you alter your physical appearance by cutting your hair or changing your hair style or color, you change the frequency and pattern of your body.

You and I are existing within the collective consciousness of the planet.

We’re held in a specific pattern by the perceptions of our friends and family. The people with whom we associate have certain beliefs about who we are or who they think we should be.

Those beliefs and perceptions keep you locked within their pattern of consciousness.

Changing your frequency by altering your appearance is a simple way to break out of that pattern. You’d be changing the way others perceive you!

Breaking out of an old pattern is the 1st step towards the achievement of a higher level of consciousness!

Listen to Eric talk about perception and how other people’s perceptions can keep you locked in place.

Click play below to listen!.



November 21, 2012

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