Nearly all Meditators Forget this Important Practice

It’s always the smallest of details that makes the biggest difference, and most people forget the details.

It’s not easy to remember every little detail, so let’s talk about what it takes to have a deep, intense meditation. It isn’t anything in the meditation itself.

It’s what you do BEFORE meditation.

The time before you sit down, and close your eyes, set in motion the trajectory for your whole session. This is meditation preparation.

I got an email from someone recently who talked about a meditation session they had with someone over Skype. They agreed on a plan that for twenty minutes BEFORE they were to begin meditating they would work on breathing, energy movements, and High Guard.

(More elaborate than you need all the time, but a good plan.)

Why go through so much effort if the ‘main benefit’ of meditation is meditation?

He said he noticed that when he spends time preparing, his actual meditation is much deeper and much quieter.

Strangely, this is exactly the advice Eric Pepin gave me at one time when I was struggling with my meditations. He said, “Spend less time meditating, and more time preparing.”

I cut down my actual meditation time, put more time into getting ready to meditate and, oddly enough, started having great meditations!

How should you spend your time BEFORE you meditate?

Listen to this short clip from The Foundation and hear Eric walk you through the exact process:

Click play below to listen!



October 23, 2012

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