Know Your Enemy

This is a critically important time for us navigators.

Whenever we do something spiritual – whenever we raise our own personal energy or tonal – the doe (collective consciousness of the planet) counteracts us because it vibrates at a much lower frequency; and because we’re part of that doe frequency, we’re constantly being effected by it.

Think of the planet as a collection of tuning forks. Most of them are vibrating at 7 Hz. When you meditate using our unique approach, you’re raising your vibration to, say 10 Hz.

Since the majority vibrate at 7 Hz, whenever you break away from that collective frequency (the doe) you’ll be pulled right back down.

It’s important to always know what you’re up against.

We have to fight for our spirituality.

Doesn’t it seem like every time you sit down to meditate someone interrupts you, or turns up the volume on the TV?

This is the doe attempting to pull you back down to it’s level!

Keep in mind that the vast majority of people are, what we call, red cells (not meant in any way shape or form in a derogatory sense FYI.) They are products of the doe and spend their entire lives resonating at the doe vibration without ever desiring to explore higher vibrations.

The doe is the vibration of the collective and all red cells will instinctively and subconsciously attempt to pull you down to their frequency.

Listen as Eric explains how this all works and discover precisely what you’re up against.

Click play below to listen!


November 21, 2012

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