Is this the Missing Link to Spiritual Mastery?

What you’re about to discover is a profound technique that breaks all the rules of mainstream spirituality!

This technique is waaay too advanced for them; it doesn’t even fit their perspective of what spirituality is all about.

Believe me, there comes a time in the evolution of all white cells when they feel a deep, inner knowing that they’re here to assist the progression of the entire civilization.

Unlike the mainstream, we realize that spirituality is about so much more than just, “me, me, me, me.”

This technique is about serving the whole. It’s about using your abilities to accelerate the progression of our civilization (of course, it also speeds up your own progression).

In fact, this technique is a necessity for deeper, dimensional experiences!

It may seem purely sci-fi, and not of this reality; because it isn’t. This technique is performed on a higher level of consciousness.

It’s used to literally fold space, time, and dimension, so you can travel great distances without actually moving!

Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Of course it does; you are a navigator, after all. If you look within your own mind, you’ll find ancient memory of how-to navigate.

Check out this clip from the movie Dune.

In the clip, you’ll see large spacecraft, filled with vast armies, and machinery; all entering a large, tube-shaped, ship.

In the control room of the tube ship is a navigator (that whale-type creature), whose job it is to fold space; moving the armies from one planet, across the universe, to another.

Check out the 3 minute clip and discover what navigation is all about:

December 18, 2012

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