Yoga in the Modern Era and How to Decide Your Path


At some point, the deepest thinkers in the modern expression of yogic tradition must enter a phase of greater evolution.

There are few main categories of yoga: body (most familiar), heart, mental, modern, and ancient. It’s easy to take comfort in the “body worship” of modern Western yoga, but as spiritual people, we must choose carefully in deciding which path of yoga to take.

When one is prepared to open their mind to the cutting-edge esoteric principle of becoming more in tune with the prime directive of growth and progression, they must embrace the natural instinct in their heart and engage with their role in this human game.

To preface, one must understand that the true essence of what they are is not their body nor their brain, rather their mind or consciousness. That is not to say that we must fail to serve a meaningful role in society, but that role may differ from what we imagined before embarking on our spiritual journey. The instinct to serve the Universe remains. To become indifferent or complacent toward the changing factors of the world is to ignore the instinct of a true spiritual warrior. To deny the instinct to serve and be useful (i.e., play an active role in the world as a force for good) is fundamentally against the universal law of evolution.

We’ve coined the phrase “spiritual warrior” to represent those of us who fight and act for good, both on the spiritual playing field and within the area of the physical, human world. We maintain a balance as participants of modern life while maintaining fundamental detachment on a spiritual level. To achieve that perfect life is to struggle with imperfection while remaining connected to the source of perfection.

Embrace your nature when choosing your path and peace be with you regardless of the choice you make. In the end, each of us must choose a path best suited to our own human nature.

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July 27, 2018