What are Spiritualists Afraid to Discuss?

Certain subjects are completely avoided in spiritual books and lectures and it’s nearly impossible to find any good information about these subjects. It’s almost like they’re forbidden. Last time I checked, there’s no code or guru manual barring spiritual teachers from certain topics. A good spiritual teacher or guru should be comfortable teaching their students about everything they may encounter in their life and on their spiritual journey.

Procreation is a BIG part of that journey, but it’s one of the most avoided, taboo subjects when it comes to spirituality… but it’s also among the most important! Sex can be the single most important factor in deciding whether you reach a higher state of consciousness or whether you fall back into the automated pattern of everyday life–and you might be surprised to hear that the answer is not celibacy!

Listen to a short excerpt from a discussion between Eric Pepin and some of his students about the role that sex plays in spirituality. Enjoy!

June 11, 2018