Understanding Social Value Systems as They Relate to Spiritual & Philosophical Subjects

According to Universal law, everything in the Universe requires an exchange of energy. The sentiment of a social system that has transcended the need for money is enticing, however, this is not the current state of evolution of this world.

Historically, a spiritual seeker would forsake their friends and family, sacrificing their livelihood to endure the austere conditions of a temple, laboring as slaves in exchange for meager granules of information, reluctantly dispensed to them across a lifetime. Other Gurus might require a student to sell everything and dedicate their lives to them, again forsaking the pleasures of human existence. While the attempted dedication to spiritual progression might be considered notable, this process is borne of an antiquated thinking associated with the socio-economic and political history of India. Modern circumstances are different and require a more contemporary approach, but that bestows its own challenges.

Presently, our social sphere is dominated by online content platforms like Instagram and Facebook, who earn revenue by selling ad space, often leading them to knowingly promote false information. In terms of spirituality, a seeker either submits to the misinformation and it becomes propagated to others, or they must laboriously sift through masses of content in search of any scraps of wisdom. That is not to say there aren’t authentic hermetic Yogies; they are extremely advanced individuals but their thinking is largely a product of their surrounding society and culture. For most of humanity, it is simply not feasible to emulate the conditions of Yogies. Therefore, when scaling these teachings to the masses is attempted, the underlying messages lose┬átheir essence because of the lack of proper context. In other words, these teachings don’t fit in the modern world, which is problematic because it leads to a perverted comprehension of the fundamental principles.

Too many seekers have been led astray from their highest philosophical and spiritual potential. Higher Balance focuses on formulating teachings that work in tandem with modern life. The standard business model allows us to scale information to a broad range of seekers without diluting the message in order to rank among feel-good internet memes and affirmations that pollute the minds of less-informed seekers. It is the most transparent and honest exchange of energy and we hope that, under this model, the power of our ideas is able to reach those for whom the knowledge is right for.

August 3, 1900

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