Spiritual Warriors Wanted: How to Consciously Use Your Attention to Maximize Self-Confidence and Attitude to Help Shape the Consciousness of the Planet

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Attention is a powerful tool and weapon for good, especially when wielded by an internally strong, noble, and wise person.

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are powerful forces of collective thought that negatively influence the mind of the planet. Ever-increasing tension and stress between tribal world factions are creating a mental atmosphere of turmoil and unrest. In these times, spiritually and philosophically-minded people must set aside their propensity toward neutrality and begin to cultivate themselves in a way that expresses their spiritual instinct in defense of freedom, evolution, and progression on all levels. Some may balk at this notion, arguing that the thoughts and actions of a reasoned few can’t honestly make a difference on a global scale, but my experience suggests otherwise.

At Higher Balance Institute, we have been developing, testing, and refining a complete set of cognitive-sensory skills, spiritually reflective tools and techniques, and reasoned philosophies that are directly applicable in the modern era. At this point, well over 100,000 people have benefitted from our rare meditations and uniquely presented training modules. Millions more have been educated and inspired by our extensive library of free online content.

Our original mission was to connect with spiritual seekers who were unfulfilled with their prior spiritual development and in pursuit of better answers. While we are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, the real work is just beginning. Now is the time for us to push for advancement by including people like you into the future of the movement as the world requires more active and skilled (peaceful) spiritual warriors for good.

We strive to provide all of the necessary internal tools and techniques to aptly prepare humanity for the inevitable technological reincarnation. The planet is currently on the precipice of dramatic and rapid change, ushering in a wave of resistance and turmoil. Thus, it is incumbent upon those with the cognitive-sensory skills and flexibility of perception to lead the way as greater degrees of technology integrate with human intelligence (transhumanism).

We are not implying that everyone should rush to become guinea pigs for emerging tech. Rather, as the advancement of integrated technology becomes inevitable, those who are cognizant in the internal sciences should prepare themselves to effectively communicate and relate with more alien forms of “artificial” intelligence. [Note: From a universal perspective, all things in the Universe are fundamentally natural. It is our relatively narrow human perspective that leads us to deem something artificial, thus the quotes around artificial.]

At Higher Balance, we believe that the application of modern and scientifically-aligned tools, techniques of perceptive capacity, and “consciousness navigation” will become essential as we progress in the coming future of rapid transition. Most essential among these applications is an internal language of “feel” that can be leveraged to widen your perceptive capacity and used to communicate beyond the limits of human comprehension (otherwise known as the Sixth Sense).

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October 2, 2018

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