Spiritual Warriors Wanted: Becoming a Force for Good in the Future of Ever-Polarizing Factions


Many spiritual people tend towards neutrality when it comes to the affairs of the word. In times of peace, impartiality is acceptable, but as the world becomes more polarized than ever, it is essential that voices of unity do not allow themselves to be drowned out by the angry shouting of more extreme elements in politics, religion, and ethics. People who are strong in their individuality and confident in their spirituality should not back down to the fear and intimidation of less-reasoned voices.

Think about it: Regardless of how human affairs transpire, is it not the duty of intelligent, noble, and strong spiritual warriors to lend their wisdom to the world? If humanity is to survive as a species, we must spread and share our voice so that the highest principles of human progress are leveraged to create a successful and positive future outcome.

So, what can you do? It boils down to one thing: Do not fall victim to fear.

“Fear is the mind killer.”

If you can face adversity with calmness, reason, and wisdom, not only will you improve your well-being and lessen your propensity for stress, but you will also—almost as a side effect of personal development—gain internal power and wisdom that naturally expresses itself as magnetism and self-confidence. If this sounds like you or traits that you wish to embody, consider exploring what we do at Higher Balance.

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October 2, 2018

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