Self-Realization for the Modern Age


Real yoga should not be limited by the thinking of the times in which it was born.

Just as the Universe evolves, so too must the practice of Yoga. The cultural and economic conditions from which eastern Yoga has come to be have dramatically affected the popular expression of the practice.

The practice of withdrawal from participation in the world was necessary in the Eastern world to preserve the deepest knowledge of Yoga. In the modern Western world, the circumstances are different. As a result, the interpretation of non-dualism and separation from worldly pursuits has effectively polluted the wisdom that those ideas were founded on.

To understand the deepest expression of Yoga, we must use our awareness and observation of universal laws to help guide us in filtering through the layers of human misunderstanding. The deepest nature of the universe is, quite naturally, to evolve and grow. This includes the natural undulations of society and governments. The only constant among these is evolution –without change, nothing grows.

In general, change is uncomfortable. By cultivating the bravery to face challenges and change, we are able to better express our role in the dance of life.

In times of strife, as spiritual and intellectual servants to the evolutionary life force of the Universe (or God, whatever you care to call it), it is incumbent upon us to stand up and play our role in the drama. We must act within life and society as opposed to mentally and physically withdrawing. To strive for perfection in all of our pursuits while maintaining detachment from that drives are who and what we truly are. An advanced person sees their personalities and instincts as tools to be used – these tools remain separate from the true self.

In this way, it is imperative to liberate ourselves from the philosophical trappings that have hijacked the deepest meaning of the ancient tradition of yoga. A cutting-edge approach that is specifically designed for the modern world is essential for the contemporary mind. If you wish to learn more about the Higher Balance approach to Yogic principles, check out our free podcast, Rebel Guru Radio, and sign up for our “Spiritual Rebel” newsletter.

July 26, 2018