6 Meditation Tips to Boost Your Practice


Have your meditations become routine and boring? Are you wondering where that feeling of bliss and excitement went? Meditation is the backbone of any spiritual practice, but it often becomes routine. Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your meditations:

Tip #1: Meditate Regularly

When you meditate regularly, you build up your prana and spiritual “strength.” Think of it like a workout. Your first day at the gym is exciting, you feel good. The next day, you find yourself tired and sore. At this point, you have a choice: you can stay home and lose your momentum, or you can get back to the gym for another workout. Which one gets you closer to your goal? Meditation works the same way. If you build it into your routine, you’ll find that you have much more success.

Tip #2: Take Care of Your Body

Your meditations will not take you far if you are so focused on the discomfort in your body that you cannot focus on prana and non-thought. Get physical exercise and stretch regularly so that your body is comfortable in your meditation position. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine before meditating so that you aren’t jittery. If there are foods that make you feel sluggish, it’s best to avoid these before meditating. When your body is happy, you are better able to let it go and move deeper into your meditations!

Tip #3: Remove Your Expectations

If you find you are not getting the experiences from your meditations that you used to, it is probably because of your expectations. Maybe you had a great experience once or you heard about a great experience and now you are trying to recreate that experience for yourself.You cannot force the experience. By holding this expectation, you are not only blocking the experience you are reaching for, you are creating a framework in your mind that your experiences are now forced to adhere to. This blocks you from more profound experiences.

Tip #4: Change Your View of Meditation

Meditation should be an exploration that you do willingly, not a daily task that you’re required to check off your to-do list. When you set a methodical meditation practice, it is easy to lose your excitement about meditation and everything it has to offer.
While a regular meditation schedule is important in developing a meditation habit, be aware of the way you look at your meditation. When you sit down to meditate, allow yourself to get excited about the new experience you will have today.

Tip #5: Get Back to Basics

When we get into a regular meditation practice, it is easy to forget to prepare yourself for your meditation. You might find yourself in the routine of plopping down, starting the music, and getting to business as usual.

Stop. Take a few extra minutes to prepare your body and mind for the meditation and you’ll get so much more out of your meditation. Start by stretching and settling into your meditation position on the floor or in a chair. Take a few deep breaths, breath in prana, and exhale all of the problems on your mind. Become aware of your body. Do you notice how much quieter your mind is?

Tip #6: Change the Music

Introduce a new kind of music into your meditations! If you use the same music for all of your meditations, it can often become routine and you find yourself stagnant in your experiences. Your brain will adapt to whatever you listen to, so you’ve got to switch it up! Try some tribal drum music, trance music, or techno. For Trance/Techno Music, check out Armin Van Buren, Paul Oakenfold, and The Serpent’s Egg. For instrumentals, check out Emancipator, Blackmill, Little People. You can find our collection of guided and unguided meditation albums here.

June 22, 2018

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Meditation helps to reduce stress. Thanks for sharing these essential tips on meditation.

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