Are You Speaking the Right Language?


It’s not always easy to communicate with God, especially if you’re speaking a different language. Most people pray or vocalize their intent, sending their requests in whichever language they’re comfortable with. Many people are led to believe that God somehow speaks and understands all languages.

Think about how many civilizations and species there are across the Universe and how many languages each of them have; it’s unrealistic to think that God understands ALL of them.

If you want to truly communicate with God, you have to speak in its language. God understands and “speaks” in the language of feeling. In order to effectively communicate with God, you must learn to broadcast the feeling of whatever you’re trying to say.

Eric Pepin illustrates the concept using the analogy of an alien landing on Earth and attempting to communicate with humans. The chances are that we couldn’t understand what it was saying, but we could likely understand how it was feeling. Feeling is a universal language.

To communicate with God or Gaia, you have to first gain a feel for how it communicates before you can gain entrance into its mind. In the following recording, Eric Pepin describes Morphic Fields and how these fields are your access point to the mind of God.


July 1, 2018