About Higher Balance Institute

Who We Are

Established in 2003, Higher Balance Institute started with the bold intention of creating a movement of skilled metaphysicians that would take its students further than any other system in the world.  Drawing similarities to the ways of Shaolin, but instead of displaying feats of incredible athleticism, Higher Balance focuses all its effort on the exploration and development of the inner consciousness. In other words, achieving miraculous abilities of the mind.

Distinguished for its no-nonsense, get-to-the-point approach, members consider HBI to be in a league of its own making. In many ways, you could think of it as a martial art of the mind and spirit. A modern, yet complete, path to Higher Consciousness.

Higher is to reach for the stars, to approach and move into the mind of the Universe. Balance is to find peace and harmony within. It is also to keep that balance and gain empowerment when dealing with the tumultuous challenges that come with living life.

Psychic Abilities: The Doorway To Self-Realization

Rejecting the notion that psychic abilities are merely a distraction to spiritual attainment, founder Eric Pepin believes the sixth sense to be the most vital component to attaining any true level of spiritual awakening. He maintains that any effort to say otherwise is doing a disservice to all seekers who answer to a higher calling, one which ironically communicates through this very method of sensory input.

To take it a step further, when researching psychic abilities, many have shared with us that not only is the information they find scattered and lackluster at best, in many cases, it’s downright misleading. A little bit of critical thinking shows so many approaches (not all) to be nothing more than the creation of makeshift ideas derived purely from the imagination. It’s no wonder there is so much skepticism around the topic of metaphysics.

From the beginning, it was clear to us that something was grossly lacking in alternative spirituality. A working system to exercise discernment in the effort to objectively produce experiences and classify those experiences sensibly.

Without logical theorems in place, seekers remain lost in a sea of conflicting viewpoints, chasing their tail in circles for years and often times giving up altogether.  

Experiences over Faith

At Higher Balance, we have a motto… You will learn more from a single experience than a thousand books combined. The courses you’ll find here are not filled with unnecessary spiritual jargon. Instead, we offer practical, interactive training on every level. From psychic scanning, deep personal healing, to entering advanced states of consciousness such as the In-Between, Planes of Light, and so much more.

Knowledge is Power

Eric has a gift of translating complex knowledge into simple, easy to understand analogies. When reflected upon, this knowledge starts to construct a rich and profound tapestry of understanding within the mind of the listener. This contemplation alone begins the process of decoding the sixth sense and bringing it to life.

Add to that a specific regimen of easy-to-apply techniques, and you will begin to uncover an understanding of who you are that goes far beyond any current physical sense of self.

Personal Magnetism Meets Self Realization

As you begin to reconstruct the mechanisms that bring this greater, more expansive consciousness to the forefront of your awareness, the common feeling that something is missing or empty inside gets replaced with a deep sense of completion and wholeness as a Being.

In addition, the course material enables the user to begin feeding their spiritual centers through the direct application of absorbing prana, or life force energy. When this is done correctly, the soul becomes strong and vibrant. Friends and family will usually take notice and make an effort to comment on this transformation. These are all subtle signs of something much more incredible to come…

As you continue to learn and practice… epiphanies, profound realizations, and transcendental experiences begin to unfold in natural succession. In a nutshell, you are experiencing a self-initiated evolution. Preparing the brain to make way for what we can only refer to as the mind.

From the time Higher Balance launched, we have proven again and again that contrary to popular belief, reaching Enlightened states of Being does not have to take a lifetime. We back this with a long-standing reputation for giving participants tangible metaphysical experiences, often within minutes or hours of applying the knowledge revealed in our courses.

The training material aligns your life and calibrates your mind, body, and spirit to continuously greater levels. Filling the void that seekers often feel in their chest, you will emerge on the other side as a more confident, stronger person and a powerful Force to be reckoned with.

Higher Balance offers a wide range of audio and video training sessions, live events, personal coaching and cutting-edge consciousness-enhancing technologies. Eric Pepin tours throughout the United States and the world to teach at live events. With participants from countries around the globe, we form a strong community and strive to make the knowledge accessible for all.