About Eric Pepin

As a young child, Eric sat upon a cement staircase while looking out at a nearby field and became entranced by the hum of insects. He walked out into the field until he came upon a small pond with a large flat stone reaching out onto the pond water. As he lay upon the stone and stared at his reflection in the water, he noticed the mirroring clouds above him while seeing the micro life of organisms move below his reflection. At that moment, he was aware of two places at one time, what he has come to call micro-macro, the in-between place.

He rolled over and looked into the sky as if it were a giant blue pond and searched for his reflection in it.  The sun and blue faded away and a brilliant milky way filled with stars emerged. Believing the stars were no different then micro-organisms of the pond, he remained in-between the rest of his life.

Throughout his youth, Eric experienced immense psychic phenomena and became highly sought after for his prescient abilities. A child prodigy, he could foresee the future, heal the sick, locate missing persons, detect dimensional vortexes, investigate haunted homes and communicate with entities.

Although Eric is documented in great detail, he refuses to recount his life’s journey, simply stating, “I don’t want to be known as the person who heals the sick or finds missing people. There is a never-ending flow of sadness that fills the world and I alone cannot fill that void.”

Disdaining terms such as new age, enlightenment and psychic power, Eric believes these are all half-truths designed to misguide those like himself, leaving them in a limbo of lost potential.

When he was about twenty-two, Eric discovered the teachings of eastern philosophy including Vedism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, but he wrestled with the idea that psychic abilities were taboo. He felt that psychic abilities originate within the human brain, but had been lost due to evolution and that reawakening them is the key that allows you to communicate with The Universe.

In 2003, Eric established Higher Balance Institute (Higher is to reach The Universe and Balance is to find peace within society and life) with the intention of finding others like himself who felt ostracized from society — lost, searching and ravaged emotionally. Believing that anyone one like him could do as he could, he set out to teach others through personal experiences.

“One experience is worth a thousands books; therefore, I shall give one thousand techniques to attain higher consciousness.”

Higher Balance Institute was born and now boasts thousands of members globally to those who happen to find their way to its doors.

Those who have known him for decades consider Eric a true Enigma. He can be a thousand people all at once or nowhere at all standing in front of you, unseen.  If you don’t believe in miracles, you never met Eric Pepin, and he will be the first to say, “There are no miracles. Only numbers that we have yet to decipher.”

Eric has written more than six Amazon number one bestsellers and produced hundreds of hours of captivating training videos and audios, all while traveling the world teaching thousands of people how to experience the profound.

In 2015, Eric announced that he would begin training students to use their abilities in a sensible way to financially empower themselves while attaining a spiritual consciousness.

“Let people say what they want to say. The knowledge speaks for itself. I seek not fame of mankind. I seek the admiration and love of The Universe and it loves all and I serve what it loves.”

Considered a mirage, Eric cannot be boxed in by labels like teacher or guru. He is a true entrepreneur and successfully ventures into all aspects of business. In addition to teaching and running Higher Balance, he also owns and invests in an internet marketing company, develops and distributes nutritional supplements and is involved with graphic design and music composition and distribution.