Hawaii Retreat 2017

January 20 -29

Go on a Spiritual Sabbatical With Your Teacher

In the heart of Hawaii, on the big island, tucked away in a little corner on the Earth you’ll find a special place of enchantment and mysticism. Our little secret getaway. The doe is lighter here, for 10 days, 9 nights you’ll feel like your walking on the moon.

As you get a chance to walk out on the lava formed stones, you may see the glow of new land mass forming in the distance from fresh lava flow.

You’ll take pause to breath it all in and appreciate how an entire island came to be, only to look up and marvel at the sea of stars forming the milking way galaxy above your head.. Perspective

Black sand beaches, the chirping of coqui frogs, the loud booming sounds of Whales off the shore, calling out from the distance.

In the eyes of the locals, you see a twinkle. They too notice the shift since you had arrived. Everything seems to revolve around your presence. The Universe is speaking to you with all that you see, hear and feel.

Looking out onto the horizon, A wave crashes into a mass of rocks and the wind gently blows its mist across your face. Was that a warning shot? You take a step back just in case its got something bigger in mind.

At night, stars fill the sky like the sparkles from the sun beading off the ocean.

This is the place of which some of Higher Balances most epic events had taken place. With lush green landscape, winding trees billow to form what looks like a perfect tunnel over the road inland and lets not forget the palm trees. Combine all that with the seclusion from every day stimulus makes this the perfect environment for a retreat. It has all the makings for magic to occur.

Oceanic creatures like Sea turtles, Whales and more. The occassional UFO sighting,  Unusual weather patterns and the company of your teacher.

(UFO sightings were frequently reported to be seen by attendees at all of our previous events in this location)

This particular location no doubt is imbued from previous visits. It holds something very special.

The last time Eric took a small group of members, cell phones were turned off and cameras were NOT rolling.

Only those who attended know what went down. If you ask them, they always seem to pause and smile before speaking of their experiences. This is a frequency that will never leave them. A place of power that they can revisit within their mind and invoke.

There is a longing… This is an opportunity to feed that longing. Re-fuel your consciousness as you turn over the leaf of a new year.

This year, 2017, you choose to move closer to the Force than ever before in your life.


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Eric has been diving deeper into the constructs of reality in recent live classes, and the location and energy of Hawaii are ideal for pushing to the next level of teachings.

Unlike many of our retreats, space is very limited and sign-ups are taken on a first-come first serve basis. Limit to 25 attendees.

Payment plans are available, so lock in your spot today.

Alternative payment plans may be available by calling in. To secure your placement we require a non-refundable deposit of $500 dollars. All attendees are expected to pay in full prior to this event.


Event Details:

When: January 20 – 29, 2017

Where: Pahoa, Hawaii

Cost: $3000 (Payment plans are available)

What IS included:

  • Lodging (private rooms may be available upon request for an additional charge)
  • Food
  • Daily classes with Eric
  • Transportation between the airport and the retreat center

What is NOT included:

  • Flight to Hawaii

Sold Out!

We are working on finding additional space. If Registration Re-Opens, we will reach out to people on the waiting list, first come, first served.

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